joi, 18 aprilie 2013

There is some sort of debate
on whether the opposite of love is hate
(or indifference);
but I shall challenge the above and state,
it's neither one (most definitely not hate)
and what was once done in the name of love,
can be undone if you learn how to unlove.

How to Unlove - For Him

It's pretty easy, if you think about it,
first shrug your shoulders and don't think about it;
console yourself that, anyway, it wasn't meant to be,
either way, nothing can last eternally.
Then go in bars and drown away your sorrow,
you'll see how less you love her by tomorrow.
Increase your cigarettes, exhale her with the smoke,
it won't help much, but you'll seem an artistic bloke.
Finally, to make sure that your love is shed,
pick up some redheads and bring them to your bed.
A different one (or two, or three) per night,
and there you have it, that's how you do it right!
Now... seeing you've untook the fall,
I realize you didn't love at all.
Technically, there's nothing to unlove,
since what's missing is the main ingredient: love.

How to Unlove - For Her

Voice 1:
It's easy-peasy,
just rip it off and there;
you're free.

Voice 2:
You know you can't, don't even try;
you'll carry him until you die.

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