miercuri, 16 februarie 2011

it takes hard work to fight yourself,
to convince yourself
to get along with yourself.
i don't like the sunlight
when it's cold outside
and foggy inside;
the light is hurting my eyes
and i wish it were night,
so i could have a reason for this merciless atmosphere...
guess i'll end up blind by the age of 30.
i'm starting to like my wall;
fear and paranoia are guarding it efficiently,
no one gets to come in,
they think nobody's home
'cause the lights are out...
i'd like to be a breath of air
floating in the dark red sunset
over black unlit houses
in the open field;
i like the way they're standing like shadows
against the colourful sky.
my mom says they give her the freaks;
but to me they're like Atlas,
the whole world on their shoulders,
never bending under it.
only when i see a solitary light on,
that's when it gets creepy.
it means that someone's inside,
doing something...